3 Reasons You May Need a Dental Filling

Jun 27, 2018

Many of us are familiar with going to the dentist to get a dental filling for a cavity. Not many know, however, that a dental filling can be used for a variety of reasons as well. These can really be called little oral health aides, like a band-aid if you will! Let’s discover three other reasons you may be sitting in the dentists’ chair to receive a filling yourself. It is important to remember that the drilling of a hole in the tooth does not merit the name “dental filling.” Rather it is the material used to fill the tooth!

1. Fractured Teeth

In many cases, a fractured tooth can be remedied with a white composite filling, one that can be made to match the rest of your teeth. If cracked during a sporting event, while chewing something hard, or even taking a spill and landing on your head can result in a fracture.

2. Discolored Teeth

The application of a dental filling for discolored teeth is definitely an option you and them can discuss. Through the drinking of coffee, tea, and wine, you can get teeth that become extensively discolored.

3. Tooth Structure

When a tooth is chipped, cracked, or just overall damages, it’s structure is our in jeopardy. If enough of this structure is lost, it may be necessary to apply a dental filling for enhanced support.

At Compassion Smiles in Coppell, TX, we’re here to answer any questions or concerns regarding oral health the members of our community may have. If you are interested in getting a dental filling or are feeling any kind of oral abnormality, please don’t hesitate to contact via phone or email. We are eager to meet you, would love to answer your questions, and can’t wait to see you in our office!

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