6 Tips To Follow After Root Canal Treatment

Oct 09, 2017

After you have had your much needed root canal treatment, you will want to do everything in your power to avoid returning to your dentist’s office. Your dentist will surely supply you with much needed information on how to properly care for your teeth after your procedure, but we are here to provide you with some more knowledge so you are fully prepared. It is so important to take proper care of your teeth especially after a root canal. Properly caring for your teeth will mean keeping up with your oral health and avoiding future problems and pain.

Read on to learn 6 tips to follow after your root canal procedure:

  • Take your prescriptions as directed. It is vital to continue to take any prescriptions your dentist provides you so as to prevent more pain and discomfort. These prescriptions assist in preventing infection.
  • Pay attention to your pain levels. Be aware that it is normal to experience discomfort. Alert your dentist if your pain continues for a prolonged period of time.
  • Keep the area clean. Regularly brush and floss your teeth.
  • Be careful to not put pressure on your infected tooth. If you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, then it would be wise to purchase a mouth guard to protect your tender mouth.
  • Avoid certain foods. Especially hot or cold foods will be sensitive to your teeth just after a root canal. Avoid crunchy, chewy, or hard foods as well.
  • Consider getting a crown for your tooth. To prevent further damage to your teeth, your dentist may suggests getting a crown placed.

Follow these tips and instructions from your dentist and you will be back to flashing those pearly whites in no time! Remember to contact your dentist if you notice any unusual or prolonging pain. Call Compassion Smiles today for further questions on your root canal procedure.

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