A Comprehensive Guide on Medicaid, CHIP & Medicare

Feb 01, 2020

There is always a lot of confusion when it comes to Medicaid, CHIP & Medicare. A lot of people think that Medicare and Medicaid mean the same thing. That is not true, though. These insurance programs are very different.

Each of these programs operates under different sets of rules, and they are designed for different people. This article will compare these three programs so that you can know which suits you the most.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a program developed by the federal governments and US states to help people who come from low-income families take care of their healthcare expenses. Medicaid can cover costs such as hospitalization and routine medical care as well as treatments.

This program was developed to help citizens who cannot afford proper medical care. In most cases, beneficiaries don’t need to pay anything out-of-pocket for things covered by the insurance. However, some covers require just a small copayment.

It is worth noting that you must meet certain criteria to enroll for Medicaid. Its eligibility is usually based on the income you get and your family size. People with the lowest incomes are given the highest priority. You can visit government healthcare to see if you qualify.

The benefits enjoyed by Medicaid beneficiaries vary from one state to another. However, there are some benefits that recipients from all states enjoy. These benefits include:

  • X-ray services
  • Outpatient and inpatient hospital services
  • Nursing care for adults
  • Dental surgeries for adults
  • Medical screenings as well as treatments where applicable
  • Family planning

Since Medicaid cover is different in every state, seek professional help when applying.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a cover designed for senior citizens in the United States. By senior citizens, we mean people aged 65 and above. The cover provides help to individuals and families that cannot afford to pay for their medical expenses.

People living with specific disabilities and are below 65 years can also enjoy the benefits of Medicare. Those cases must be verified before one can apply. A person who is in his final stage of kidney disease can also apply for Medicare.

The beneficiaries only pay deductibles for things like being hospitalized. If a beneficiary prefers a doctor’s visit to his/her home, he/she is required to pay a small amount every month.
Anyone who is 65 and above automatically qualifies for part A of Medicare. People who get Medicare benefits also enjoy some other social benefits. Part B of Medicare needs to be paid monthly.
It is worth noting that beneficiaries of Medicare pay for the drugs out-of-pocket. Not unless the recipient is paying for Medicare Part D, which is responsible for covering drugs. Part D monthly subscription usually is very affordable, and it is always a wise move.

Medicare part A does not require a beneficiary to pay monthly subscriptions. It covers nursing care in a hospital, services in the hospital, and sometimes home healthcare. Part B covers outpatient services and physician services.

Medicare part A and B don’t cover most dental care expenses. You can apply for Dental Financing & Insurance in Coppell, TX if you want your insurance to cover your routine dental care expenses.

What is CHIP?

CHIP insurance works the same way as Medicaid. The only difference is that this insurance was explicitly developed for children. Parents of children who cannot apply for Medicaid because of eligibility issues can apply for CHIP insurance.

The benefits of this insurance vary from one state to another just like with Medicaid. Children covered by this insurance can access lab services, hospital care, emergency care, and dental plus vision care. This insurance is funded by the state as well as the national government.

In most states, Medicaid and CHIP act as one program. It is only in Washington, Arkansas, and Connecticut that they work as different programs. This means that the benefits that Medicaid beneficiaries enjoy children with CHIP can enjoy as well. Well, except in the three states we have mentioned.

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