Complete Instructions For Cleaning Your Night Guard

Apr 01, 2019

For people suffering from teeth grinding during sleep, nightguards are a valuable tool for protecting their teeth and dental health. Here’s a look at some steps to follow for cleaning and caring for your nightguard.

    • Rinse Immediately After Wearing

According to Dentist in Coppell, TX, every time you remove the nightguard after wearing them, you must rinse them with warm water. This will remove the food debris and plaque from the night guard.

    • Brush Them With Your Toothbrush

Once you rinse them, you can clean the nightguard by gently brushing with a toothbrush. You can use a separate brush for cleaning the night guard but keep in mind that you don’t need toothpaste for the nightguard as it is abrasive and may scratch the night guard.

    • Lay on a Clean Surface and Allow to Dry

It’s important for you to allow the night guard to dry completely before storing it in the case for preventing the rapid bacterial growth. Lay the nightguard on the flat and clean surface for allowing it to dry.

    • Store the Night Guard in a Case

When you are not wearing your nightguard, it’s important to keep them stored in a case. Many people keep the night guard in their bathroom but the moisture and humidity in bathroom is not good for night guard. It’s better to place it in your bedroom in a clean dry place.

    • Deep Clean your Night Guard Weekly

According to Dentist in TX 75019, you must clean the nightguard at least once a week. You can buy a denture cleaner from the store and place the night guard in a bowl allowing it to soak completely once the cleaner is dissolved in water.

    • Keep your Case Clean

You must also keep the case of the nightguard clean by washing it with water and soap.

    • Bring the Mouth Guard to Dental Appointments

You must take the night guard during dental appointment so that the dentist can look for signs of wear and tear and if it needs replacement.

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