Damaged dental implants? Learn about implant restoration!

Jun 06, 2018

Have you previously received dental implants from a past or current dental clinic? Are they beginning to cause you problems that are affecting your oral health? Compassion Smiles provides dental implant restorations for patients in need of an improved smile. We encourage you to continue reading on for more information regarding implant restorations.

Why You Might Need to Restore Dental Implants

The most common reason for damaged dental implants is an infection and bone loss that affects your teeth throughout the years. Late term implant failure may also be a cause as well as peri-implantitis. This is caused by an infection that begins around your implant. Proper oral hygiene is vital in protecting your dental implants and decreasing your chances of infection and bone loss. It may also be caused by your dental prosthetic becoming damaged to the point of leaving your mouth in pain. Regardless of the reason why, our dentist at Compassion Smiles can easily help to restore your smile.

Get Help from Your Local Implant Dentist

If you notice pain or a damaged dental implant, then contact our dental clinic right away for proper help. Your dentist will start off by checking the dental implant that is causing you trouble. Oftentimes, our dentists simply need to clean out the infected area. They will disinfect the area after removing any infected tissues. Your dentist may also need to create a new crown or attached denture in the case of other damage.

It is important to work with your dentist to prevent problems with your dental implants. Speak to them about an in-depth care plan to further protect your smile. Contact Compassion Smiles today for any more questions you may have on keeping up with your oral health.

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