Dental Sealants: Procedure, Benefits, and Misconceptions

Jan 01, 2020

It is difficult to protect the teeth. Staining, cavity attacks, and decay are very common in children as well as adults. Such problems are deadly for the look as well as for the teeth. Adults can somehow manage but kids cannot. Toddlers are difficult to tackle and taking care of their dental hygiene is the most difficult task for the parents. Their curiosity encourages to try the new food stuff.

Not every food is good for their health. If their teeth are damaged at an early age, it will be harder for them to cure them in adulthood. Keeping this in mind, cosmetic dentistry introduced dental sealants. They are also known as tooth sealants. This is an amazing invention because they serve as protectors for the teeth. You do not have to worry about the dental hygiene of toddlers.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin plastic films that are placed on the teeth for protecting them. They are not for covering the entire teeth. The edges of teeth are covered so that any damaging particles do not attack your teeth. The priority reason for getting sealants is preventing tooth decay.

Toddlers are prone to tooth decay. Therefore, it is a healthy practice to protect their teeth with sealants. If you are not in favor of sealants for the front teeth, get them for the molars and premolars. They perform the chewing and grinding of food, cavities can attack them easily. Even the most hygienic people have cavities and end with a decaying tooth.

Who Can Benefit from Sealants

Dental sealants in Coppell, TX are restricted for the use of kids. The dentists advise it to everyone who needs them but the misconception prevails among the people. Be it a seven year old or a 30 year old, tooth sealants are friends with everyone.

What to Expect During the Treatment

The procedure is not complex at all. Here is the procedure divided into steps for a clear understanding.

First, there is a professional dental cleaning process followed. The dentist will clear all the dirt. Cleaning is followed by drying of the teeth. Cotton balls are continuously placed in the oral cavity to keep it dry.

Second, the dentist will use an acid to make the surface of the targeted teeth rough. The sealant can adhere better if the surface is rough. After acid application, the teeth are washed and dried again.

Now the sealant is applied to the teeth. Since the surface is rough, the sealants adhere quickly and gets tough. To make it stick properly, your dentist may use a beam of light on the teeth as well.

Misconceptions about Sealants

The procedure is an amazing method to protect your teeth. Some misconceptions prevail among the people. Here are a few from several. Sealants are just for kids. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about dental sealants.

Note that sealants are for everyone. People of any age group can benefit from them. Kids are in the limelight for sealants because they are more prone to cavities and decay. Any other treatment might not be a wise choice for the little ones.

The life of sealants is debatable for the people. Do not get confused because the sealants last for ten years. You do not have to visit several times to get them changed.

People often think that sealant is just a fluoride treatment in Coppell. This is not true. A thin film is applied to the teeth, which protects the teeth.

What are the Benefits of Sealants?

Here are some of the benefits that might interest you. The teeth get extra protection. Cavities and decay stays away from the teeth. Brush cannot reach the corners but sealants can. Protection is guaranteed.

This is a time saving process. Just one visit to the dentist and you are good to go. There is no pan during the treatment. No anesthesia is required and the surface does not require etching.

They are two times more effective than other treatments. They last for ten years and there is no difference in quality in the meantime.

The dentists at our facility are best known for the dental sealant treatment. The comprehensive dental exams at Compassion Smiles enable our dentists to perform every treatment with perfect. Visit us now.

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