Best Teeth Whitening Techniques — Which One Suits Your Needs?

Feb 01, 2023

If you want to whiten your teeth, finding various whitening systems on the market is relatively easy. Walking through the aisles of supermarkets or drugstores, you can notice many products for dental whitening, including strips, rinses, trays, whitening toothpaste, gels, et cetera. In addition, the products are available for purchase without a prescription to make it easier for you.

The products sold over the counter are only suitable for some because they are generic and developed on the theory of one size fits all. Therefore if you have had teeth extracted or molars with restorations, you find it better not to use these products because they might cause irreversible damage to your teeth. The optimal option for you is to consider your dental situation before picking up any product or consider high-grade in-office teeth whitening treatment from dentists as the best option.

Which Teeth Whitening Technique Suits Your Needs the Best?

Whitening Toothpaste and Ingredients

If you have healthy teeth with a tinge of yellow, consider using whitening toothpaste or peroxide-based gels that you apply to your teeth using a small brush to whiten them. It would help if you left the gels on your teeth for some time, but instructions vary according to brands and the strength of the peroxide gel. You can also use whitening strips on your teeth twice daily for 30 minutes each for two weeks. You can sustain the results of over-the-counter whitening techniques for about four months until you purchase the peroxide products again.

If you use whitening rinses, the products act as a mouthwash that freshens your breath and helps reduce dental plaque contributing to gum disease. However, whitening rinses are less effective than strips and whitening toothpaste because they are not in contact with your teeth for an extended period.

The dentist Supervised Teeth Whitening

You can consider availing of professional teeth whitening in Coppell, TX, if you don’t have restorations in your teeth or miss some teeth due to extractions. In-office whitening is perhaps the optimal way to whiten your teeth safely and effectively under the supervision of a dental professional.

If availing teeth whitening near me from the dentist, expect the professional to apply concentrated hydrogen peroxide directly over your teeth four times an hour, asking you to rinse the existing application on your teeth after every 15 minutes. You can expect dramatic results from the treatment by the dentist within 90 minutes and achieve better results from the therapy, improving the color of your teeth by three to eight shades.

Teeth whitening treatments from dentists are accompanied by heat or light to accelerate the process to give you the brighter teeth you desire in one or two appointments at the dentist’s office.

Why Might You Need Multiple Appointments for Teeth Whitening?

Your teeth discolor for various reasons, with foods and beverages being the most prominent, besides lifestyle habits like smoking or chewing tobacco. Problems like teeth grinding can also discolor your teeth because the issue encourages enamel erosion to make the dentin beneath it visible. As a result, the dentin has a yellowish appearance, making your teeth appear discolored. In addition, infections and injuries can also discolor your teeth.

When you visit a dental professional for whitening your teeth, they start the procedure by examining them to determine whether you are eligible for the therapy and ascertain whether your teeth will whiten using the standard treatment or need intensive therapies like endodontic whitening to remove stains from within your teeth. After confirming your eligibility, the dentist explicitly creates a customized treatment plan for you. You also get a dental cleaning before the whitening treatment to ensure your teeth are not discolored from dental plaque hardening into tartar.

Suppose you are reluctant to visit a dentist near you multiple times for teeth whitening. In that case, you can request at-home whitening trays, which the dentist provides after taking impressions of your teeth to create a customized tray and provide provided with gels and instructions for use at home. The dentist-provided teeth whitening gives you multiple benefits to receive teeth whitening supervised by a dental professional besides having in hand a DIY technique to maintain the teeth whitening results and prevent numerous dental visits.

Your teeth start discoloring soon after getting them whitened. Therefore it helps if you can avoid or limit having pigmented foods and beverages and quit lifestyle habits like smoking or chewing tobacco that stain your teeth besides affecting your general health.

If your teeth are discolored and impacting your smile, consider visiting Compassion Smiles Dentistry — Coppell for a dentist-supervised whitening treatment. You will benefit from having whiter teeth in one appointment with the dentist to show off your smile to everyone around you.

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