Extra Smile Protection with Dental Sealants

Jun 16, 2019

Parents always want to protect their child; that is why they teach them good habits like cleaning their teeth two times in a day and use floss after brushing but sometimes only good habits would not suffice. Parents need to take one step further and give one more protective layer. In oral treatment, this shield is called as dental sealants.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a protective layer which stops the bacteria from attacking the teeth. Dental sealant process is very simple. Dental sealant is an extra layer on enamel which gives safety to the teeth. The dental sealant layer is made of biocompatible acrylic which protects from the acidic attack on teeth by the bacteria, but this also has a limitation to control the acid and hence, a regular checkup is necessary. The dentist checks the condition of teeth, and if they find that dental sealants are broken or eroding, they will make this layer stronger.

Paired with Good Smile Care

You can maintain your smile for a longer period. Once you get the dental sealants, it would last on an average about ten years. But you need to go for a regular checkup still because sometimes it breaks in between the ten years period. Dental sealant is a transparent layer so other people cannot even identify that you have got them. Now you do not need to worry about anything regarding your smile because a smile is secured for a long period of time. Dental sealant is an assurance for your teeth as well as your smile, so get it as soon as possible.

Are dental sealants right for your child’s smile?

The dental sealant would be the best for your children because it provides a protective layer when they got permanent teeth so that they can easily secure their smile for a longer period of the time. You can get this protective shield from Compassion Smiles. They have provided dental sealant to many children. They can provide your children with a good smile which you are looking for from such a long period of time.

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