What Are the Top Benefits of Fluoride Treatments?

Dec 01, 2022

Your teeth are subjected to significant enamel erosion from food and bacteria ever since they erupt. Although they receive protection from the body’s most robust substance, the enamel, they need some additional help to remain intact.

The dentist near me recognizes what your teeth need and offers fluoride treatment to help them remain intact. Fluoride treatments are commonly associated with children. However, fluoride benefits children and adults regardless of whether their teeth have just erupted or need help to remain robust.

You cannot afford to overlook the opportunity of fluoride treatment because it has some incredible benefits. This article examines some of the benefits of fluoride to make you aware of them.

5 Stunning Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Replenishing Minerals in Your Teeth

Your teeth are subjected to intense pressure throughout the day. When you consume acidic foods, your mouth bacteria release acids when digesting food fibers, and the acids are more damaging than you imagine. Besides causing enamel erosion, the acids also break down the tooth structure by destroying its minerals. Minerals like phosphorus and calcium are indispensable for the healthy growth of your teeth. Therefore when the acids weaken your teeth, the loss of these minerals has adverse consequences.

An application of fluoride helps reverse the damage by the acids by aiding in the reabsorption of the minerals in a process called remineralization. Remineralization is essential for the strength of your teeth and their health. Even if you have cavities retarding them with silver diamond fluoride helps inhibit tooth decay because it has antibacterial properties with low toxicity levels to ensure it doesn’t harm you. In addition, fluoride helps with the remineralization of the Lost minerals to increase the resistance of the enamel to the adverse effects of the acids.

Tooth Enamel Protection

A widely known benefit of fluoride treatments in Coppell, TX, is the protection it offers the tooth enamel. As mentioned earlier, the acids deposited by your mouth bacteria are harmful to your teeth. When you have weakened enamel, you develop tooth sensitivity, making having hot or cold liquids a problem. However, if you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, the robustness of your teeth returns, preventing the acids from causing enamel erosion. In addition, while fluoride varnish applied by the Coppell dentist benefits your teeth, the varnish helps protect and whitens your teeth.

Prevents Dental Caries

Harmful and harmless bacteria are present in everyone’s mouths. Therefore fluoride acts as a natural preventive. The American government has added trace amounts of fluoride to drinking water for the last seven decades. Unfortunately, the levels are considered low, and cosmetic dentistry in Coppell, TX, suggests fluoride treatments to help prevent dental caries, a chronic condition among children and adults. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral making it safe when used in recommended doses and more excellent to protect your teeth than others as a preventive measure against dental caries.

Natural Preventive Therapy

We mentioned earlier that fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral making it a natural preventive therapy for your teeth. Receiving fluoride treatments from the Coppell dentist gives you concentrated versions of fluoride than are available in toothpaste and water. The treatments are not expensive but deliver immediate benefits. The ADA and the CDC suggest receiving in-office professional fluoride treatments every three, six, and 12 months if you are vulnerable to cavities by receiving fluoride varnish treatments from the dentist. When you receive fluoride treatments from the dentist and use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth, your teeth fortify themselves to prevent tooth decay that creates permanent damage needing expensive treatments from dentists to fill cavities or save teeth from extraction.

Long-Term Money Saver

You might feel we are dragging your leg when we say fluoride treatments are a long-term money saver. However, dental procedures are not affordable and can cost you an arm and a leg to fill cavities, receive root canals for untreated cavities, or get the tooth extracted and search for replacements costing thousands of dollars. In contrast, fluoride treatments cost less than a drive around town in a cab without requiring you to tip the driver for riding the taxi. Therefore the treatment helps you save money on various dental procedures by receiving a cost-effective therapy to protect your teeth from the unhealthy effects of your mouth bacteria.

If you haven’t received fluoride treatments in the past 12 months, we suggest you contact Compassion Smiles Dentistry — Coppell to have in hand a preventive measure that, besides helping you avoid pain, also saves you money. Contact the dentist near you today to receive fluoride treatment completed by the dentist in under 30 minutes, costing just as many dollars.

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