What is Fluoride Treatments? Here’s What You Need to Know

May 01, 2021

Prevention is always better than cure. It is better to observe good oral hygiene and prevent cavities than visit a dentist near you for painful treatment. Over the years, preventive dentistry has evolved radically, with people understanding the importance of better oral hygiene.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to prevent cavities. Over 70 years, most of the water supplies in America contained traces of fluoride beneficial in preventing dental cavities. A study by the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that fluoridated water can reduce the chances of dental decay by 25 percent.

Dental fluoride treatment can be beneficial for most and plays a significant role in preventing tooth decay. Poor oral hygiene leads to the deposition of food debris on the enamel on grooves of teeth. With time the film develops into a sticky and tough covering called plaque or tartar. The plaque is the thriving ground of bacterial activity. The bacterial activity releases an acidic substance that erodes the enamel and exposes the dentine. Fluoride boosts healthy enamel and fights against bacteria to protect the teeth.

Fluorides protect the teeth by making the enamel resistant to acid attacks and reversing early dental decay. Fluoride plays a vital role among children below six years of age to incorporate in the development of permanent teeth. Fluorides nullify demineralization of the teeth by bacterial activity.

Availability of Fluorides

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in abundance in food and water. Dentists might also apply fluoridated toothpaste, mouth rinses, and fluoridated gels as part of fluoride treatment services. Some of the fluoride-rich materials are available over the counter, while the professional ones need a dentist’s administration.

A fluoride treatment in a dental office is done by applying gels, varnishes, or foam containing a higher fluoride concentration. Foams are put into mouthguards and are put over the teeth. Gels and varnishes are applied to the enamel. Fluorides can be supplemented internally through tablets or liquids as prescribed by dentists.

The intake or consumption of fluorides within prescribed limits is critical for developing teeth of infants and children between the age of 6 to 16. This period is vital as, during this timeframe, the temporary teeth give way to permanent ones. Tropical fluids available in toothpaste and mouth rinses are beneficial to adults, too, to fight tooth decay and strengthen teeth.

The Procedure of Fluoride Treatment

Professional fluoride treatment takes only a few minutes to complete and is a non-invasive and painless procedure. The fluoride in foam, paste, varnish, or gel is applied on the visible portion of teeth. When dry, it is scrubbed with a brush or swab.

You cannot eat or drink for at least 30 minutes after fluoride treatment to allow the teeth to absorb the fluoride. Depending on oral health, the dentist can recommend a further fluoride treatment after an interval of 6 or 12 months. Maintaining a daily regime of dental hygiene is also good to prevent cavities.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

The fluoride content of 0.7 ppm is considered safe, and dentists ensure that the recommended concentration is used in fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatment has several benefits:

  • Fluoride helps in the remineralization of calcium and phosphates—fluoride combined with phosphorus and calcium helps repair weak tooth enamel.
  • Developing teeth benefits from fluoride treatment. Fluorides join the tooth structures and enamel and strengthen them against cavities.
  • Fluoride treatment slows or reverses the bacterial activity that causes cavities.
  • Reduces gum infection.
  • Reduces tooth pain.
  • Prevents premature loss of teeth.
  • Improves overall oral health.

Choosing the Best Dentist in Coppell, TX

Choosing the right dentist is essential to avail better results. Compassion Smiles in Coppell, TX, can eliminate the common myth that fluoride is harmful to health. Although consumption or application of fluorides in higher concentrations than the prescribed level can cause teeth discoloration, the dentists in Coppell, TX at Compassion Smiles are experienced in treating correctly.

You may book a dentist appointment and experience our multi-benefits. We accept all PPO dental insurances so that you avail of cash-free treatment. Compassion Smiles is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental treatment. Our team of cosmetic dentistry and preventive dentists works in collaboration to ensure you have a flawless smile. We are open seven days a week, and you may avail of our services at your convenience.

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