How Fillings Have Changed

Jul 01, 2019

Dental fillings in Coppell are also known as dental restorations. They are a common procedure, which many people go through at least once in their lifetime.

Mercury Fillings

The amalgam fillings are one of the oldest types of fillings which contain silver which is why they are also known as silver fillings. But it also contains 50% mercury which may lead to many health concerns as mercury can be toxic even in small quantities. Also, amalgam needs extra tooth matter for creating a better position for the filling to stay within. However, for some dentists, amalgam is the stronger and worthwhile choice for fillings.

Tooth-Colored Composite

If the mercury fillings are not appealing, the composite fillings in 75019 can work wonders for you. They need lesser tooth matter to be removed around the cavity. Plaque finds it difficult to build around the composite filling.

Other Filling Materials

Some dentists offer fillings made of gold and other metals. These fillings are strong and last a lifetime before needing any corrections. They can last for 10 years and then there are ceramic fillings which look similar to the composite resin, but stays whiter because of their resistance to staining. Ceramic fillings can be abrasive.

The glass ionomer is another type of filling which is a mix of acrylic and special silica. They release fluoride within the tooth over time and protect the teeth.

Indirect Fillings

Coppell dentist offers the recently developed fillings, where they take an impression to record the tooth’s shape after removing the decay. The impression is used for making indirect filling. During the second visit, the temporary filling will be removed and the indirect filling is cemented in the tooth.

Laser Dentistry

There’s a painless method known as laser dentistry which allows the dentist to drill through with the laser. There is no pain, no sound, or need for sedation. It also saves time.

If you have never got the fillings done or it’s been a while since you got one, you must know the new options that are available for fillings along with finding out what’s available today.

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