To pull or not to pull_Is tooth extraction your only option

Feb 24, 2019

The harshest thing your dentist can ever tell you is that you need a tooth extraction. Even for the most pain enduring people, this one statement can send chills down their spines. It is a sensational statement because everyone who has undergone a tooth extraction process knows it for a fact that by all means, it remains a physically painful process.

Now, it is common human tendency to avoid pain. Especially, if you can avoid that pain, you should. In order to explain this very logic, experts at Compassion Smiles are here to help you out. Read along to know more:

Let’s Talk About Root Canals

Root canals have become a common practice for many dental surgeons. So much so, that some dentists prefer performing a root canal, even for rather minuscule problems with dental roots and teeth in general.

Hence, if your dentist has recommended you a tooth extraction straight away, without considering a root canal, you should definitely go for a second opinion. Even if you have been told that you should go for a root canal, it will only help to go for a second opinion.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental surgical process by which the roots of an infected teeth are cut off in such a way that the teeth loses any sensations or pain they received because of the infected root. This process ensures that the tooth no longer causes pain and the affected root does not infect the neighbouring roots in the mouth.

At the hands of an experienced expert, root canal can be a seamless process; much more seamless than a tooth extraction process.

Root Canals Aren’t Always an Option

Even after considering all its might – you should know the fact that root canal cannot be a solution to all your dental problems. Root canal works only till a specific level of damage has been sustained by your teeth. If your teeth has become hollow inside or because of cavities has started affecting its neighbouring teeth, it might make more sense to simply extract the tooth causing all the problem.

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