What Can I Do To Relieve Toothache During Pregnancy?

Jun 01, 2022

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, and obviously, you’ll do anything to ensure that this period is healthy. This includes maintaining a healthy diet, proper prenatal care, exercising, and even giving up habits like drinking mocktails.

While all this is essential to your overall health, it is also important not to neglect your dental health. For instance, one unexpected problem during pregnancy is tooth sensitivity and pain, but with proper hygiene and visiting your dentist near Coppell, TX, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Causes of Tooth Pain During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women anticipate some discomfort during the pregnancy period. Very one may have heard stories about morning sickness, and it isn’t a secret that pregnancy brings back pain, swollen feet, or brain fog.

But when it comes to tooth pain and discomfort, this pregnancy problem may catch you off guard. Dental issues are common during pregnancy.

As the baby in the womb develops, your hormone levels increase, and this may lead to tooth pain and other dental symptoms such as:

  • Plague build-up

Your body’s natural way of fighting plaque fluctuates during pregnancy because of hormonal changes. However, if left untreated, the plague continues to accumulate and will eventually harden into tartar. This increases the risk of you suffering from tooth decay.

  • Morning Sickness

During the first trimesters of pregnancy, vomiting is common in most women. Therefore it is important to brush with toothpaste containing neutralizing acid that helps in the effective and safe elimination of stomach acids that may contribute to your tooth’s erosion. Otherwise, your enamel may weaken, thus opening the doorway to severe tooth pain when pregnant due to its cavities and sensitivities.

  • Gum Disease

Due to hormonal changes, many women are more susceptible to experiencing gingivitis while pregnant, leaving the gums sore, tender, and vulnerable to more severe dental issues.

How Can You Treat Tooth Pain During Pregnancy?

Whether you have tender gums, sores, or tender gums, mouth pain should not be something that kills your joy. Here are ways that you can relieve your tooth pain during pregnancy:

  1. Visit Your Dentist

If your tooth pain persists for some time, do not suffer silently. Visit your emergency dentistry in Coppell, TX, and do not fail to mention that you are pregnant. Our dentist can perform X-rays and certain dental procedures, but this depends on how far along you are. Sometimes your dentist might delay some procedures until you are in your second trimester.

This is in case you might need a dental filling or a root canal that might require anesthesia during the procedure, which may increase the risk of a miscarriage during your first trimester.

  1. Keep Up With your cleaning

Routine dental cleanings will not harm the foetus, so you can continue to schedule the dental cleanings as normal. In addition, having your teeth cleaned can get rid of sensitivity caused that may have been caused by too much plaque.

Dental cleanings can also treat pregnancy gingivitis. Because of this risk of gingivitis while pregnant, your dentist may recommend that you get your teeth cleaned as frequently as possible, perhaps after every three months.

How To Prevent Teeth Pain During Pregnancy

With everything you do throughout the pregnancy period, you will need to minimize the likelihood of you experiencing tooth pain. This is by observing proper dental hygiene, which is essential in reducing the risk of developing dental problems. You can prevent tooth pain by:

  • Adhere to your dental care

Pregnancy will make you tired and achy, and sometimes you might go to bed without brushing your teeth. Don’t give in to this. Instead, stick to a good dental routine. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash rinse to prevent cavities and strengthen your teeth.

  • Rinse your mouth or drink water after vomiting

If you are experiencing morning sickness. This helps to remove the stomach acid from your teeth. You are not to brush your teeth immediately, as this might seem odd because brushing your teeth may cause more harm than good.

  • Limit carbohydrates and sugary foods

Snack on healthy foods like fruits, raw vegetables, and whole wheat crackers.

  • Inform your dentist that you are pregnant

Discuss with your dentist in Coppell, TX, whether your dental appointments will be more frequent.

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