What to Do If Your Have Chipped or Broken Crown?

Mar 26, 2019

People generally expect dental crown to last for the lifetime, though it does not happen in many cases. The crown can get chipped or broken. However, there is nothing to worry if you encounter this problem. The chipped or broken crown can be repaired at Compassion Smiles. Before going to the repairing process, it is important to know a few basic things about dental crowns first.

What Is Dental Crown?

In the books of dentistry, crown has been defined as the restoration that creates a surrounding layer on the gum line. Many people face the problem of decaying teeth. Decaying teeth may happen due to many reasons. It could be an aftermath of malnutrition and lack of calcium. Vitamin deficiency could also be a reason. In many cases, it happens due to aging. When tooth is decayed, it can be restored to normal shape through crowning process. In different cases, different types of crowns can be found. A few of these types are discussed below:

Metal: Gold, chromium, nickel and some other metals can be found as crown materials in many cases. Metal crown is strong, though it does not look natural.

Resin: This type of crown is not durable, as crown cracks can be visible within a short span of time. But, the positive side is that such crown is highly affordable.

Porcelain: This is the most extensively used material for dental crown. It brings natural effect, and it stays for a long time, though cracks can appear after certain time.

Why Tooth Crown Cracks?

Lack of caring is the commonest reason behind damage to dental crowns. It is strongly advised that you should not eat hard foods, if you are using porcelain crown. Due to hardness of food, pressure is created on the teeth. Eventually, it leads to damage to the crown. Normal wear and tear is also a reason for damages to crown.

Repairing Crown Cracks

The consequences for not getting a crown are known to everyone. Your teeth will continue decaying rapidly if you do not get crown. If crown is damaged, one can get professional repairing service from certified dentists at Compassion Smiles.

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