Why Sometimes a Tooth Extraction is the Answer

Oct 26, 2018

Dental professionals fight hard to keep your natural teeth right where they belong, but sometimes that’s not the best option. It’s possible for a tooth extraction to be the right choice under several circumstances, such as the following:

Severe Pain

The pain of an infected, damaged or decayed tooth can be unbearable and if a patient needs the tooth out immediately, extraction is the way to go. An extraction can offer the most rapid resolution to pain and gets a sufferer on the road to healing fast. An immediate extraction can be the best choice when the pain is off-the-charts bad and the sufferer simply doesn’t have the time to spend for less invasive procedures to work.

When a Tooth is Badly Compromised or Damaged

Sometimes a tooth can be so severely damaged, extracting it is your best, maybe your only reasonable choice. After a trauma such as a sports injury or routine accident, a tooth may appear to be intact, while X-rays show that it’s heavily fractured and likely to come to pieces at the first application of pressure. Extracting the tooth at that point is better than waiting until it shatters, which can lead to a lot more pain and higher risk of infection.


Tooth decay can lead to serious infection of the gums, tooth root, and surrounding jawbone. In that case, getting the tooth extracted is the first step before treating the infected tissues. If the tooth is the source of the infection, removing it is necessary before the work of tissue repair can get underway.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can get stuck in the jaw or come in at a bad angle, requiring their extraction. If a wisdom tooth can be seen in the gums, dentists can remove it with a simple extraction.

Dental work doesn’t hurt at Compassion Smiles in Coppell, TX, 75019. We offer conscious sedation and general anesthesia to make your tooth extraction procedure painless.

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